High Dusk

A short trip to Wallberg mountain at the beautiful Tegernsee in the southern Bavaria.

Morning Lighthouse

A memorable moment by the Bibione lighthouse.


A “side portrait” of Bízǔ, the great ancestor.

Yellow Foliage

Fall foliage turning under the shadow cliff at Zion National Park.


Morning life by sunrise, at Schloss Katzenstein.


A peaceful moment to cooldown.

Land Of Oz

There is no place like home.

Break Through

Shot when the sun break through the layers of cloud, 10 mins to sunset.

Spring Fantasy

A spring adventure at Josefsthaler Waterfall.

Spring Wonder

A shot of minimal people in the landscape which highlights the size of the Josefsthaler Waterfall.

Harmony Nublo

Roque Nublo in Gran Canaria, Spain. One of the most popular location on the island.

Sea Fall

Waiting for sunrise at the famous El Bufadero, a big rock hole constantly get filled & emptied by sea water, located in the east coast of Gran Canaria.

Holy Touch

Chasing the sunset in Puerto de las Nieves.

Gaze Afar

A far Lighthouse view from Maspalomas Dunes at Gran Canaria.

Morning Sunbath

Taken as the first sight of a cloudy morning, while 5 birds was having their ‘private’ sunbath.